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Have you tried a "fuser."

Have you tried a "fuser."
February 02, 2013 06:11PM
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using a "fuser" from a laser printer as a heating element. I know they can get super hot and can be easily adjusted. The parts are cheep and readily available. Just an idea and I wanted to see if anyone has an educated opinion.
Re: Have you tried a "fuser."
February 04, 2013 01:29AM
How would you distribute the heat evenly over the build plate area?.
Re: Have you tried a "fuser."
February 05, 2013 12:33AM
Back a 100 years ago when I was a copier tech (same process as a laser printer) the fusers were heated by a light bulb.
Re: Have you tried a "fuser."
February 05, 2013 02:16AM
They still are in some cases. We have 6 month old, a very large (6 meter long) production color laser printer at work and the fuser is heated by 6 35cm long halogen lamps.
Re: Have you tried a "fuser."
February 06, 2013 08:45PM
Not sure about heat distribution. I never got passed the thought of, " fusers get hot enouph to melt place." " I wonder if anyone has tried it?" I was curious if anyone had tried to implement it onto a hot end. I'm somewhat new to hot ends. I'm still at the, how can I build a extruder phase. Just trying yo think outside the box.
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