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homing teacup

Posted by dave584 
homing teacup
February 11, 2013 05:05PM
Is there a command to home in the oposite direction for teacup firmware?
Where can a total newbie find out more about altering code and making commands and such its like you guys on here are talking another language.

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Re: homing teacup
February 11, 2013 05:23PM
The firmware is written in C. Google will find you many tutorials on that subject. Luckily, to run a reprap you just need to know enough C syntax to configure config.h to suit your machine.

As for how to home in the opposite direction:

If you mean - 'it moves the wrong way' , then either invert the axis direction in config.h line 206, 216 and/or 226 as appropriate, or you can reverse the wiring to the extruder motor.

If you mean 'I want to use max endstops rather than min endstops' then undefine the minimum endstop pins and define maximum endstop pins, teacup will home to the max endstops if there are no min endstops.
Re: homing teacup
February 11, 2013 06:08PM
thanks for all the info, yes I mean the motor moves it the wrong way. Is there a way of finding a line in a document? I am using wordpad. What text do I need to alter?

#define Y_STEP_PIN DIO27
#define Y_DIR_PIN DIO26
#define Y_MIN_PIN DIO1
//#define Y_MAX_PIN xxxx
//#define Y_ENABLE_PIN xxxx
//#define Y_INVERT_DIR
//#define Y_INVERT_MIN
//#define Y_INVERT_MAX

Here is the part which looks like it might do the job but I don't know how change these settings. If it were for example a 1 in the second coloum I know that would mean ON for the particular option but this is different, xxxx?? or abstract lists of numbers (to me at least)
Perhaps there is a tutorial page for this kind of thing?
Re: homing teacup
February 11, 2013 06:28PM
Use notepad, not wordpad. Notepad is a dumb plaintext editor, it'll save what you type as text. Wordpad is a basic word processor, it'll save a representation of what you type in .rtf format, which the compiler can not read.

Or, better yet, use the arduino IDE, its editor includes code higlighting and shows line numbers.

As for this specific question, you want the lines that look like:
//#define Y_INVERT_DIR

Simply remove the // to uncomment the line, so that its interepreted as code rather than skipped as text. You don't need to specify a value for Y_INVERT_DIR, simply defining it or not is sufficient.
Re: homing teacup
February 12, 2013 05:58AM
Thanks andrew, I have learnt some very important points there.
Nothing seems to be going smoothly though now I have a problem up uploading to arduino after starting again a fresh.
I have gone through the steps and I am sure I have not left any out. It just hangs the usb to ttl bleeps red every 10 seconds. Nothing happens in ardiuno it just hangs not giving an error.

Its arduino 1.1 which I have had uploading in the past no problem
gen7 1.4.1 board

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Re: homing teacup
February 12, 2013 06:05AM
Once an upload failed you have to kill all avrdude tasks with the task manager. Arduino IDE doesn't recognize hanging attempts to upload firmware, so you end up with several instances of avrdude, the uploading tool, all trying to catch the serial port.

Also, sometimes USB messes up. Can be solved by dis- and re-connecting the USB plug on the PC. Same for eventual USB hubs in between.

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