NEWBY setup help
February 15, 2013 01:10PM
ok , i've got it built, a mendel prusa with printrboard rev c interface. hooked it up to the pc, 2 problems I have encountered in setup. first what is working Y and Z axis motors are working, z has a squeak and one rod appears to be bent, i will replace that rod. X axis motor does not move I use the pronterface to move it i hear a click. I pull lightly on the drive belt it is rock solid not moving, i choose to move +10 other direction, nothing, I pull on the belt, the motor vibrates and it does move while being pulled. i checked to see if the wires going to the motor weren't short circuiting where i extended them with solder and more wire. I checked the printrboard to see if bad, by switching x an y axis, so its not a bad board. Anyone have anymore troubleshooting ideas ?

the second is that in the printrboard calibration instructions it says to "Now feed the Filament into the extruder and move it in 1mm increments" I get the error "Extruding 1.000000mm of filament. echo: cold extrusion prevented" any help with that would also be appreciated.

everything else untested yet, but hooked into printrboard
Re: NEWBY setup help
February 15, 2013 01:54PM
Motor problems with reprap printers are usually resolved by confirming the correct motor wiring (see the reprap wiki), or adjusting the current limit in the driver to provide the correct drive current.

If I'm not mistaken, "cold extrusion prevented" implies that your measured extruder temperature (the "hot-end") is too low, or at least lower than the fail-safe cutoff threshold defined in the firmware..
Re: NEWBY setup help
February 15, 2013 02:26PM
I turned the heat bed and hotend on and they appear to be working correctly. check temp is giving me values from the thermistors that appear to be proper. Now the extruder moves, the movement is off by 2 mm in 10 i changed the "#define EXTRUDER_MTR_STPS 200" to 210 with no visible effect.

X,Y, and extruder motor are wired exactly the same , i suspect an internal fault in the motor, not sure how to check .

My Y motor distance is off, trying to set that also.
Re: NEWBY setup help
February 15, 2013 02:58PM
I figured out what might be wrong with the x motor, the plug into the motor has a few of the wires in different places from the other 4 motors. I pulled out redid to match other 4 motors, now it is working.

I noticed that the config file had the teeth on the xy motors set to 10, and I have 8 tooth cogs on them. I changed the config file to 8 btooth however the motors are still not moving the correct distances.
Re: NEWBY setup help
February 15, 2013 03:30PM
check the wiki for calibration info. Also do a search in the forums. There's a huge amount of useful info here.
Re: NEWBY setup help
February 15, 2013 07:05PM

It has a part a little lower down to dial in the steps. Punch in what you asked for, current steps, and what you got and it will give a new step per unit.
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