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Printing metal, well, sort of...

Posted by TheFerminator 
Printing metal, well, sort of...
February 28, 2013 03:58PM
I was looking around on the interwebs, just like I normally do, and decided I wanted to look into getting back to one of my old hobbies(jewelry making). I was looking on a supply site and remembered that I have yet to try metal clay. Now comes the interesting part, I have seen videos of 3d printers using slip to print ceramics, why couldn't we do the same with metal clay? BRONZclay(tm) would be great for printing circuits seeing as it is 90% copper. The hard part would be compensating for the ~10% shrinkage during the firing process. What do you think?
Re: Printing metal, well, sort of...
February 28, 2013 04:05PM
... I've made some 'metal-printing' in past with a paste mixed with 30 microns big microspheres of gold(80%)+tin(20%) and Dexpanthenol and Aqua dest. as binder.

Dispensed the paste through a needle with 0.1mm ID and 'fired' the track with a 8Watt IR-diodelaser, similar to laser-brazing.

Should be similar with any other eutectic alloy, but you'll need Argon as shielding gas for non-precious metals ...

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