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Not getting power

Posted by S&S_Shovelhead 
Not getting power
March 20, 2013 02:24PM
I built a makergear prusa mendel about 4 months ago. Was able to get as far as connecting it (to pronterface), moving the motors and as far as I know it was ready to extrude, although never went that far. Put it away, now getting back at it. Had to redownload all software due to formatting computer. When I turn the power the supply on I dont get any LEDs on the ramps. When I connect the usb I get a red light and flash of green and when I try to connect to pronterface the green flashes again but does not connect. I can make the board blink using arduino software so I know the usb is connecting. Im getting 12 V when I check the power going into the board. Any ideas where to look next?
Re: Not getting power
March 20, 2013 07:58PM
When the USB is connected, the green LED will flash twice. When you hit "connect" within Pronterface, the green LED will flash twice again. When you then connect the power supply, no LED'S will illuminate
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