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What you guys think about my reprap

Posted by tattooedfish 
What you guys think about my reprap
March 20, 2013 09:14PM

its currently out of comission (waiting on a new hot end) broke my last one.

I decided since I can't print with my reprap I might as well make some modifications. and share my reprap

I only used makerfarm for the hot end laser cut bed and acrylc plate for across the front of the prusa most of everything else was ordered from various ebay sellers, I used hardware from mcmaster.carr using 5/16-18 threaded rod instead of m8

Additional upgrades I did was replaced the plastic z couplers for flexible ones to help with z wobble. As much as I liked the makerfarm logo on the print bed cartridge it was making it impossible to use 100% of my print bed and was sacrificing about 4 inches of space on my z axis.

I may modifiy the top electronics plate holder and movie and move it to the side of the reprap to give me more vertical clearance. I doubt i will print that big of a design hoenstly but I feel like the electrnics being mounted right in front with the plate hinders my vision and honestly gets in the way when im working on the extruder.

I used t2.5 timing belt for everything and am using metal gears instead of the plastic printed ones with exception of the extruder of course.

I used a piece of ptfe and made filament guide to keep it from wrapping up in the top of the wires. overall im happy but one thing i still don't like is how bulky loking my wires are afte rI added the wire loom. I may just get some smaller threaded wire sleeves to clean it up a look im on the ocd side a little bit so we shall see
Re: What you guys think about my reprap
March 20, 2013 09:57PM
looks quite nice , wire is nice and neat ,

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Re: What you guys think about my reprap
March 20, 2013 10:21PM
thanks "wire" is what took me the longest. I learned the best and easiest way was to spend 20 bux on a wire kit that comes with all the wires pre labeled and in pin connectors cut to length and soilder made it way easier.

I really suck when it comes to de pinning stuff
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