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i figured out something but have questions

Posted by tattooedfish 
i figured out something but have questions
March 22, 2013 01:50PM
For any of u that have been following some of my threads and issues I've been having with my prints last night I stumbled upon a thread that talked about measuring actual travel based on jogging each axis 100 mm where I take 100mm/(actual travel)*number in float value and enter result in ramps and repeat until I get actual 100mm travel when I jog 100mm.

I did this for my x, y, z and worked out great. I then found a generic value for the gear set I'm using and my print turned out great.

My question is on the z axis I've seen a different method that takes into the account the thread pitch in a formula to give u a correct value but I used the other method above and this seemed more accurate to me. Considering 100mm of travel is about Max my machine can print at anyway.

I did a test print at 0.2m per layer and the print was almost flawless. Printed with abs at 210 I wanted to ask is it normal to hear like a hissing noise coming from extruder?

Also is there a function I can type in pronterface that will give me current x value so I can set travel limits without having to guess?

Also I was told I could write directly to my firmware from pronterfacs using m functions and save without having to open up arduino?

Thanks so much for your guys help
Re: i figured out something but have questions
March 22, 2013 11:45PM
The hissing sound is probably coming from your stepper driver. It might be that the current is turned up too high. Be careful, as the stepper motor can get very hot, and burn you. Try adjusting youe E0 driver POT down just a bit, and see if the hissing goes away.
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