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Probably "wrong" guide license

Posted by mfzandstra 
Probably "wrong" guide license
March 29, 2013 08:05AM
Hi all,

I just saw a guide you can buy on ebay to build a prusa. Well, since the designs are under GPL, you can just do that as long as you mention it's under GPL and etc.

The big problem here is that the sellers added; Licence to build one 3D Printer. And as far as I know, that's the issue here. He can only do this on two conditions as far as I know;
1. Get a different licensed version from the original author(s) that allows to do this
2. Rip off the license and place it under his own license (and that is not allowed by the GPL license).

I just wanted to mention this, as I can't do more than telling ebay it's wrong and etc.


Re: Probably "wrong" guide license
March 29, 2013 08:16AM
well you would be rather stupid to buy it when just a google search and you can find the plans for free,
Re: Probably "wrong" guide license
March 29, 2013 09:18AM
Despite the description, it doesn't look like any Reprap Prusa I know of. Perhaps it is the sellers original design?

In this case, copyright law would apply to the sale of plans. The "license" restriction placed by the seller has no legal meaning and is unenforceable.
Re: Probably "wrong" guide license
March 29, 2013 09:39AM
Not even close to a Prusa. Moving gantry, sheet metal construction, etc.

Renderings and cad files, no actual pics, seller probably never built it.

Not easy to build, it's going to take a lathe to make the spool holder, milling machine for the rest, and uses expensive rails/slides on the gantry.

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