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RepRap Application of Graphene - Simple Marker/Cap Design?

Posted by mrShrimp 
RepRap Application of Graphene - Simple Marker/Cap Design?
April 03, 2013 12:44AM
Hello! This is my first post on the RepRap forum, and incedentally I am rather new to 3d printing. I was looking at a recent post on the reprappro blog "Ideas on RepRap Printing Graphene" (link to blog post), when something caught my attention. I was interested by the single-drop inkjet print head that the post references as a possibility for deposition of the GO solution, but I was struck with an idea for a much more efficient method. I have not done any research on the possibility yet, but I want to share the concept. Why not simplify the application of graphene oxide to a print by applying the GO in a manner that a marker would apply ink to paper. One would fill a cylinder with GO solution that saturates a material below, which could apply the GO solution through mere contact with the print surface. It would be easy to fit such a device onto a standard print head, and the majority of the parts (I imagine) would be printable. On the same print head, one could fit an IR laser that would retrace the line drawn by the GO marker tip, turning it into a conductive surface.

Mechanical problems that I can think of would be finding the right type of material to be saturated and controlling the level of saturation. The latter could be achieved through implementation of a valve in the cylinder with the GO solution. There are probably a myriad of problems with this idea having to do with the chemistry of GO solution, and whether it would actually deposit like an ink. The H2O would most likely clump together into little droplets, affecting the layer thickness, but maybe that could be remedied through changing the GO solvent, although that might prevent the exfoliation method from working alltogether.

So, does this sound plausible?
open | download - Graphene Oxide Marker.png (7.9 KB)
Re: RepRap Application of Graphene - Simple Marker/Cap Design?
April 04, 2013 01:43AM
... we had some discussions related to this - read here [forums.reprap.org]

... and here (look into the linked images and threads): [forums.reprap.org]

I've dispensed single droplets of really high viscous fluids (like toothpaste) with a 30micron-tip, placing droplets of 30microns diameter -- see here:

Tested some other methodes too with even higher accuracy/resolution, but they wouldn't be in the common DIY-range.

Later this summer I'm restarting some of this old work for a comercial pastedispenser-head, but possibly be more comercial orientated, than OS eye rolling smiley

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