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vibration dampers

Posted by sage19175 
vibration dampers
April 11, 2013 07:43PM
Do mounted vibration dampers on your stepper motors have any benefit?
or is it better to take them off?
Re: vibration dampers
April 11, 2013 07:51PM
i think if you are doing full steps or half steps it helps. also it might be good for the z axis on like a prusa mendel, or any printer that uses threaded rod. they do add length to the motor too so you need to take that into account.
Re: vibration dampers
April 12, 2013 04:26PM
I'd think that dampers would be best added to the feet of the entire unit, to absorb the impulses delivered via the discontinuous accelerations (changes in direction). But like everything else, they're not just a willy-nilly add. You specify them based on load and vibratory content.
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