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Minimal required dimensions for Repstrap

Posted by GeertB 
Minimal required dimensions for Repstrap
January 05, 2009 09:25PM
I'm working on designing/building a repstrap. Basically, I plan to use lasercut plywood for the cartesian bot, using the "better belt drive" mechanism nophead referenced in [forums.reprap.org]. The idea is to have the X and Y steppers on one side, and use a rod to connect the geared pulleys at both sides.

My biggest question is: what size should the work area be to produce all parts for the Darwin? Would 6 by 8 inches be sufficient, or would I really be too constrained, or should I plan on a larger size to produce a number of parts in one go?

The reason I'm asking is that for lasercutting size pretty directly equals cost, and I try to find a balance to make a useful repstrap and keeping the ultimate goal of producing a Darwin/Mendell in mind.

Re: Minimal required dimensions for Repstrap
January 06, 2009 04:17AM
I made all the parts for a Darwin on a RepStrap with a slightly less than 6" cube build area. None of the parts came close to being too big for it.

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