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Anyone using Simplify3D Creator

Posted by davew_tx 
Re: Anyone using Simplify3D Creator
August 08, 2015 06:37PM
I bought it the other week, still getting to know it but no problems so far and very happy with it.

I've emailed support twice, and both times had my question answered within a couple of hours (of course outside US office hours it's going to take longer). I don't know whether it needs an internet connection to first activate the program, but it certainly doesn't require a connection to work after that.

I bought it for the ability to apply different slicer settings to different parts of a print (different objects on a print bed, or different parts of the same object).


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Re: Anyone using Simplify3D Creator
August 08, 2015 06:44PM
I also got my link and product key in a few minutes of paying. Contacted support by email a few times asking questions and always got a response next business day. They also have a support forum with lots of good help. It's true the support could be a little faster and it would be nice to have a phone number to call but all in all it's a great program.
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