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Printrboard firmware uploading 101

Posted by Wired1 
Printrboard firmware uploading 101
May 03, 2013 10:18PM
There doesn't seem to be anywhere else to post this but if you have been using Printrboards you may have been tearing your hair out when it comes to changing the firmware. I built my first printer, a Mendel Prusa, with a Printrboard and since then have built seven more printers, four with Printrboard and two with Azteeg X3's. The first Printrboard I had used a crappy system where you had to compile the code with Arduino then hunt down the Hex code in a temporary file hidden on your computer then use Flip installer to upload it to the Printrboard. Thankfully all the recent Printrboards I have used come with the CDC bootloader installed which makes it almost as simple as programming the Azteeg, well almost...
So if you bought a Printerboard Rev. D. recently it will most likely have the CDC bootloader, and this is the firmware upload process for it:

1). Start with the Printrboard powered down and with the USB cable unplugged (the Printrboard will continue run with the power disconnected if it is still connected to the USB so it needs both powers sources removed).
2). Remove the end stop switches if they are plugged in - they will cause the upload to fail. Other plugs like the fan and motors are OK.
3). Fit the boot jumper to the Printrboard - if you don't have a jumper just short the two pins together for a few seconds as you put the power onto the board - this will put the board into bootloader mode.
4). Power up the board, just the USB cable is enough to run it.
5). Your computer should recognise the new USB device if it is Windows 7 or earlier. If it is Windows 8 go and buy an old computer for firmware uploads as it doesn't work yet (at time of writing). If you computer doesn't recognise your Printrboard as a new USB device you need to run Serial_install.exe first.
6). Using Arduino 0022, load up your preferred firmware ie Marlin. Only Arduino 0022 will work with Printrboard.
7). In Arduino select "tools" and "Board" then select "Bootloader CDC Teensylu/Printrboard" from the drop down menu.
8). In "tools" select the comms port from the "serial port" menu. If it isn't there then you need to do the thing in 5). above.
9). Load up your firmware in Arduino then press the upload button (in the File menu or on the tool bar) and wait patiently.
10). After a few seconds or maybe a minute Arduino will report that it has compiled the firmware - keep waiting patiently.
11). After a bit longer it will come up with an error message in red that ends in "44" - this is what is supposed to happen. If you get any other message it probably didn't work.
12). Remove the bootload jumper from the printrboard and press reset on the board, it will now boot into the firmware.
13). Run Pronterface or similar and see that it is communicating. If the board is not plugged into anything it will probably give you a stream of error messages about over temperature but at least you know it is talking.
This works for me so I hope you find it useful.


Richmond, New Zealand
Thingiverse ~ YouTube
Re: Printrboard firmware uploading 101
May 03, 2013 11:26PM
is there a better place for this such as a wiki page perhaps?
Re: Printrboard firmware uploading 101
August 24, 2014 09:57AM
can you give me tips to shot circuit the boot jumper?
Re: Printrboard firmware uploading 101
December 27, 2014 05:44PM
in windows 8 you have to get into a mode that allows for the unsigned serial driver to be installed. (detailed here )

With this driver installed, your pc should be able to recognize the board upload. not sure if you still have to use arduino 0022, thatll be nice when we dont have to.
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