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Quick question

Posted by mondo50m 
Quick question
May 04, 2013 12:59PM
I am just wondering, what is the difference betwen brim and raft? I see both terms referred to in Slic3r.

Thank you,
Re: Quick question
May 04, 2013 01:20PM
Brim adds a "brim around the part at "X" number of layers thick and a given width around the part. Helps parts stick better to build plate

Raft is a structure printed first, then part prints on top of the raft
Re: Quick question
May 04, 2013 02:35PM
I understand the BRIM part, I use it at 3mm all the time. But when would one use a RAFT? Also, I have some silver ABS that I have been trying to use. It almost seems that I have to have my extruder heat down around 205 or else the material starts to bubble as if it is being overheated. I normally print ABS at around 210 to 215. Has anyone else seen this problem, or is it specific to me?

Re: Quick question
May 04, 2013 05:21PM
But when would one use a RAFT?

If you have slightly unleveled or defects on print bed. Raft will fill them and provide smooth leveled print area.
If you have adhesion issues. Long straight segments of raft tend to adhere better than, say perimeters of 3 mm holes that will just form blob on your nozzle.

It also helps with parts that have small printbed contact area (small hollow base) especially if they are tall and tend to be knocked off the printbed while printing higher layers.

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Re: Quick question
May 04, 2013 06:23PM
Thank you. Now I know the difference and when to use them.

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