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EMC2 running on Raspberry Pi!

Posted by mung 
EMC2 running on Raspberry Pi!
May 10, 2013 06:51AM
I just thought I would post this, as it needs some testers.

Linuxcnc running on the raspberry pi maybe is getting very close to a usable high speed motion controller.

There are 22 IO pins available for running step/dir motor drivers, real time kernel and almost all of the linuxcnc components running correctly.

If you can test this and give feedback to the linuxcnc.org forum it will help speed up the development.

It does not need any extra hardware just plug your stepper drivers into the relevant gpio header pins (thought really I would like people with scopes to send in signal plots and test functions, so plugging motors is not recomended).

Web page for SD card image download is: http://soundproofingforum.co.uk/rpi_linuxcnc/raspberrypilinuxcnc.htm

or you can check the forum thread [linuxcnc.org]
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