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Printrbot Jr vs. Portabee

Posted by AN6U5 
Printrbot Jr vs. Portabee
May 18, 2013 03:42PM
I am looking at cheap first 3D printers and am deciding between the Printrbot Jr. ($399) and the Portabee ($499). I would be purchasing a complete kit in either case and assembling it myself. Apart from the difference in build volumes and the fact that the Portabee has a heated plate and hence ABS capability, I would be interested in hearing about people's comparisons between the two and recommendations about which kit to purchase. How do printed objects compare when both are printing in PLA with well calibrated printers? How does the build experience compare? Is the ABS capability of the Portabee a big improvement? How do the resolutions and print speeds compare? Is there anything else I should be considering that I'm not asking about? Thanks!
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