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FilaFab filament extruder

Posted by Clifford4000 
FilaFab filament extruder
May 22, 2013 07:10PM
I have designed and built an inexpensive desktop filament extruder which is currently on Kickstarter, please check it out:

FilaFab Kickstarter Campaign

FilaFab in operation - video

With 9 days remaining I have been eager to introduce my creation to the RepRap community and see what people think, any comments or feedback would be highly appreciated.

I have produced a lot of filament on various designs of this machine and have now completed a pre-production model - production version to be shipped when the Kickstarter campaign finishes. I have had a lot of success using the FilaFab filament in my Mendel, mostly at 3mm but also with 1.75mm (ABS). I have also produced various lengths of PLA filament.

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