Adding 2 fans to Ramps
May 25, 2013 07:29PM
I wanted to add two fans to my setup (cooling for j-head heat sink area and one for the print) . What are my options?
So far I saw you can hook one fan to D9 and use a 12v fan. Allowing to be controlled via g-code. I noticed here you can hook a fan to the extra stepper controller but you cannot use G-Code. Is this correct? I presume you would need a resistor to have control?
Any other places to hook a fan to? I saw this item
What do people usually do? I like soldering but I do not have enough experience....any hints?

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Re: Adding 2 fans to Ramps
May 25, 2013 07:38PM
The key is whether or not the fan needs to be controlled. The part cooling fan must be, so stick it on D9. Pretty much any other fan, icnluding hot end coolers, does not need to be controlled and so can be attached to any source of 12V power. No resistor needed, just apply 12V and get the polarity right. You could add a resistor if you wanted to slow the fan for quieter operation, but see how it runs directly connected to 12V, you can change it later if needs be.

The item you linked adds another mosfet allowing you to control a fan from other pins. SevenSwitch does the same job and is cheaper, and you'd get some soldering practice, but you don't need an additional mosfet to do what you want.
Re: Adding 2 fans to Ramps
May 26, 2013 06:22PM
Thanks Andrew. I hooked one fan to D9 for now and I will look into SevenSwitch for a longer term solution.
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