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Prusa mendel i2 extruder settings

Posted by pdavg 
Prusa mendel i2 extruder settings
June 01, 2013 04:24PM
Hello all sorry but I am new to this and this is probably a silly thing to ask but, I have set my fireware for my x,y & z stepper motors but have no clue how to work out the vaule for the extruder.

I have a Sanguino 1.3a board with Atmega 1284p running Marlin firmware.

So far my setting look like this (just for information really)

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {72.7442,72.7442,200.0*8/3,760*1.1}

Just need help with the last equation please. confused smiley
Re: Prusa mendel i2 extruder settings
June 02, 2013 01:41AM
Start with Richrap


There is also plenty of info in the Wiki and the Google Machine on the tubes of the Internet... winking smiley (that's a cheeky way of saying Google something like "reprap extrusion calibration") Good extrusion is a key. You'll need to know how it works and not just what to plug into the firmware.
Re: Prusa mendel i2 extruder settings
June 02, 2013 02:57AM
Thanks, I will have another look at google but when I looked before it sent me all over the space continum sad smiley

I also understand how the extrusion works its just I am not sure how to get the feed rate at a usable rate, so far I have just been getting no feed due to feed to high so not melting my pla or just running out of hot material.
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