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thermistor and heater mounting in the block

Posted by victorjung 
thermistor and heater mounting in the block
July 01, 2013 06:25AM
hi, i am assembling my new buddaschnozzle, i was wondering how to put the thermistor in the heating block, should ig lue it or something to keep it in place? should i put it all in the middlle of the hole, or just put the glass head in it?
i have also some question with the heater cartridge, it's holden with a screw, but do i have to put ciment in it with? or some thermal paste, cause there is quite a room between the hole and the cartridge...
thanks for helping!
Re: thermistor and heater mounting in the block
July 02, 2013 01:18PM
I had these questions as well, and didn't get a lot of response.

But this is what I did,

The supplier that provided me my hotend gave me a bit of "Muffler Putty" with my hotend, which is great as a glue for high temperatures, but I wasn't sure how well it conducted heat.

So I used a tiny bit of Artic Silver Thermal Paste for both the heater and thermsistor, just to help conduct heat on the inside.

NOTE: These heatsink pastes are usually only rated up to 200deg C, but they just 'dry out', but should still help conduct heat.

On the ends/outside I used "Muffler Putty" provided to firmly glue the heater and sensor in place.

I think wrapped them both firmly in place using Kapton Tape, because I noticed that after a while, the muffler putty dries out, and may allow sensors/heat to pop out.


1) Heatsink Thermal Paste to conduct heat on the side/end of the sensor

2) Muffler Putty which can be found at any hardware store to 'glue' the heater/sensor in place

3) Fully wrap it in Kapton Tape to make sure it stay's put.
Re: thermistor and heater mounting in the block
July 03, 2013 02:48PM
thanks i like it cause thermal i also wanted to be sure heat was well conducted!
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