Help, Recommend me a printer
July 16, 2013 11:32PM
Hey guys,

After all my crappy experience with my 3DSM, im going to buy a new printer with my tax refund lol,

Budet up to $2000..

So i have my eye on a few printers
Please let me know what your opinions are on these or id be happy for you guys to recommend me a printer,

-MBot3D Printer - Cube 2
This new printer will ship at the end of July 2013
The Cube2 Printer features and all new metal body allowing higher printing speeds and an even bigger build area!
Build Volume: 260x230x200mm = 11.96litres
Single Extruder Only - ABS or PLA


-UP Mini 3D Printer - Now in stock
In Stock as at 20 October
Introducing the UP Mini 3D Printer, the much anticipated follow-up, to their highly acclaimed, flagship 3d printer, the UP! Plus. The all-new UP Mini 3D Printer, with its full metal, temperature stabilizing enclosure and groundbreaking price of just over $1000 GST and FREIGHT INC - No more to pay!

Based on the simplicity of a traditional inkjet printer, with a snap in printer head, slide in build table and clip in consumable roll; but with no sacrifice to build quality we think you will be impressed with this little machine.

Quick states : Build area 12X12X12cm. USB interface Speed : 9min/cm2 Layer res 250microns
- $1100

Mbot3D Printer - Cube - Double Extruder, Plywood Body
Double Extruder 3D Printer
Huge Build Volume: 200x200x200mm = 8 litres!
Overall Size: 410 x 400 x 415mm Dual Extruders - prints in ABS, PLA or other materials extruding up to 230 degreesC
Uses a composite build platform made in Switzerland requiring no heating, kapton or blue tape for PLA or ABS
Standard Nozzle: 0.4mm
Layer Height: 0.1 to 0.3mm (selectable)
With LCD display, control pad and SD card slot
Runs with special version of ReplicatorG software
PLEASE NOTE: Front panel is now individual buttons not rubber rocker. We think this gives much better feel when controlling the bot
- $1,383.00


Felix 1.5 Fully Assembled (ex gst)
$1,979.00 AUD

This one looks pretty sweet!, i love the frame
Re: Help, Recommend me a printer
July 17, 2013 12:03AM
one thing to mention is how comfortable are you with putting one together vs do you want one that is just ready to go.?

what else is important to you.?

Re: Help, Recommend me a printer
July 17, 2013 12:40AM
I would rather not put one together, im comfortable to do it but dont really want to, like im spending a bit of money, may as well spend a bit more for a prebuilt system and save myself some time.

okay, id like to ideally print with as many types of filament as possible
- fast speeds, like with my 3d stuff maker printer, im using speeds of 10 mm/s to 20mm/s for infill, takes quite some time to print anything,
- most importantly getting consistent performance with the machine, being able to replace parts on the machine is a bonus,

, do you think id be better off building a custom machine myself?

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Re: Help, Recommend me a printer
July 22, 2013 06:42AM
i have built 5 Menle max 1.5 and all work fine i love it its a ridged frame so there is no flexing i get great prints very satisfied

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