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I've designed a printable and millable turntable for use in a scanner or whatever we need

Posted by letsburn00 
I've designed a basic turntable which we can use for a turntable based object scanner. The reason is that a turntable is a major part in the method described in [www.instructables.com] . But it can probaly be used for plenty of other stuff. the only parts it also needs are a basic dc motor, bearing and a few m8 nuts and bolts.

Note: All parts have zero overhang and are at their largest 10cm by 10cm. Thus they are both millable and cupcake producable.


The fuller description of how it can be assembled and why it was designed that way can be found at


The stl files are attached. Do not print from them directly, have a look at them and see if there is anything wrong. I'm not a mech engineer and worry I may have made a mistake with the gears.

I will be uploading the source files sometime soon, they are solidworks based unfortunately(I need to learn blender, but for now I just had to use solidworks because I know how to use it properly), but if anyone knows what format is best for me to upload them to the reprap and thingiverse site would be great.

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open | download - scanner printable parts.zip (24.8 KB)
Just a quick observation. If you're really serious about milling, your stand shouldn't have those little feet on the corners and the nut housing on your table should be recessed into the table rather than having that border around it. Both of those features are going to require a LOT of material removal from sheet material and thus will take quite a lot of unnecessary time to mill.

Taking a second look, it looks like you included the feet on the stand to allow for the nuts to have a bit of clearance. It would be better to recess the nuts into the stand, instead. Either that or you could mill caps for those nuts which would serve as feet. That's probably a better solution. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out


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To be honest, the milling was an afterthought, the real design basis was for no overhang and less than 10x10. When I built it, I found that I could only put in bolts in a way that was uneven and would cause rocking with something heavy. But I'll work on making that change tomorrow when I work on the parts again.
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