2 serial communication MARLIN
August 02, 2013 09:39AM
Hello everybody,

I want to let Myserial as a main serial "communication between host and Arduino mega 2560 with ramps 1.4", and another serial as secondary for communication with my RFID module!!

I can add either SoftwareSerial or HardwareSerial!! As you said, I preferred HardwareSerial, it is much easier!! For that, I connect the RX2 and TX2 of Serial2 to my RFID module, and it works fine without Marlin!!

If I add Marlin, it said Serial2 was not declared in the scope!!

I don't want to change the MarlinSerial!! I want to let to communicate with my PC with USB. But I want to add an RFID module wich needs Serial Port, for that I need to add another one for it!!

Please help!!
Re: 2 serial communication MARLIN
August 02, 2013 01:23PM
Any idea how to add another Serial port on Marlin working with the main one "MySerial"?!!
Re: 2 serial communication MARLIN
August 05, 2013 06:59AM
I found new firmware which accepts two serial ports, it works very good!! You need to put your second device in port 2.

Good luck.
open | download - terawattindustries-erikzalm-marlin-mendelmax-sfwantai-8e247a401f5d.zip (318.3 KB)
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