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Temperature control issues

Posted by aplusa3d 
Temperature control issues
August 10, 2013 03:45PM
Somewhat randomly, my hot end just cools off on its own sometimes during prints. I am printing from SD, but watching in pronterface and If I watch it, I can catch it and just command the hot end back to proper temperature (printing PLA, so printing @190C). If I dont catch it, obviously the nozzle cools down on its own and extrusion commands in the gcode give the error message about cold extrusion not allowed. The printer, continues to flow through its motion control and looks like its printing at a glance, but in reality it isnt extruding, so its not laying any further plastic down.

Again, if I watch the temp control and see it start to dip then I cant just command it again back to temperature and it will start controlling again.

Any suggestions?

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