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Making the move to a Delta based printer.. Where do I find a tutorial for firmware setup???

Posted by Parabolic 
Its been a while since Ive messed with my firmware on my prusa printers. So I kinda remember how to set and calibrate those... But I have no clue where to begin in MARLIN to set it up for a delta....
Any tutorials out there?
Id appreciate any help
Also in the process of building a delta, am using RAMPS and expect to be using Marlin
Here [reprap.org], I found a link to the marlin firmware
Which is here, [github.com]
Have looked through the configuration.h file and see defines for delta, so I hope it does the job, there is
some calibration info on the Rostock page but I have not found much more than that
Good luck

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I got that far, Im just hoping there was more documentation on it as there are plenty of deltas out there now.
Very new to all of this, and about to (probably) jump in to the deep end, I have parts and other stuff on the way for a Reprap Delta Pi, so a tutorial or similar on how to set up the firmware side will be more than a little useful.

Slightly off topic, I suspect I will be driving it from a laptop intially for calibration and testing, with the longer term plan being an Arduino Mega and Ramps 1.4 card, and an e3d hotend.

I will be using electronic limits rather than mechanical micro switches, and while I will need to work it out exactly "how" I'm going to do it, I suspect that a levelling sensor will also be needed to calibrate things for accuracy.

It would also be a huge help to get some feedback on what control and slicing programs people are using, and any issues they have with them, I've not yet made a definite decision which route to go, it seems that Marlin is the preferred firmware for the Pi, but beyond that, there's very little in depth information at the moment.


Im just getting my ass KICKED by this firmware setup!! Its totally diffrent then an x-y bot. The Issue Im having with marlin is that there are so many parameters to set for a delta, and im not sure if I should be commenting out some of the lines that look like they are for an ultimaker(etc)....
Does anyone have a version thats DEDICATED for a delta to help isolate the ACTUAL settings I need to adjust?
This might help.

yes, even though I'm nowhere near ready to calibrate, some of the information in there actually makes sense at this stage, so it's been saved as a page worth having reference to when I'm doing the job of getting it working,

Thanks for the link

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