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Ali-express MK7 stepstruder

Posted by chris... 
Ali-express MK7 stepstruder
September 17, 2013 05:08PM
Is a crappy product that isnt even the mk7 stepstruder
Found it on aliexpress for $100 labeled as stepstruder MK7 even has pictures of it
Finally got the product, with the MK7 instructions, OK lets assemble
huh why are there yellow bits?? hang on where are these bits??? wtf these bits are missing??? where is this bit that i can clearly see in the picture provided by the seller????

Ask the seller, WTF??
They reply, its a modified "improvment" yeah? ok?? I didnt ask for a modifed design, I was never told about any change to the design. I ordered a MK7 stepstruder.
That would have been acceptable if it was ok, but the quality is crap
Parts dont fit, ie most of them needed drilling out
The quality of the obviously printed 3D parts is pretty crap
The heater cartridge does not fit into the thermal core
There is significat gap between driver/pulley and the barrel
The other metal parts are also constructed badly with a lot of crap left over
There are missing parts and an excessive amount of screws and nuts
The design overall of it construction is utter garbage, nuts as spacers???? what are you? cheap?

The seller then says they have sold over 500 MK7 sets since last year, so don't worry about it's performance.

OK you sold 500 and still failed to update your pictures or instructions of the "new improved" design

All up it seems to be just a terrible copy of a MK7. However may just work, its just not what they claim it to be

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