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Motor connectors loose on RAMBo

Posted by ryanthejuggler 
Motor connectors loose on RAMBo
September 20, 2013 03:30PM
I'm working with a RAMBo on my printer, and I've got a problem where the motors only function properly if I press on the connector with my finger. There seems to be a loose connection. Is there anything I can do (squish the crimps with some pliers before inserting, etc) that might help me free up an extra hand? Or should I look at buying better motor connectors? The connectors are the ones that came with the RAMBo.
Re: Motor connectors loose on RAMBo
September 23, 2013 09:23PM
Hey ryanthejuggler

If you are seeing that problem, POWER DOWN QUICK. loose motor connections and wiring are what can cause the drivers to fail. What is happening is the crimpped metal pins aren't making good contact with the motor wires, or you don't have them pushed all the way in and 'locked' in place in the plastic housing. Double check all of them, i know, it's tedious, but that is what your issue is, i'm sure of ti

John "Oly"
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