Modification of 3D printers
July 06, 2009 11:12AM

For my masters thesis I'm researching innovations in additive manufacturing (such as FDM/FFF). These innovations come from manufacturers, but also from users.

I'm looking for the history of innovations in FDM and sub innovations. I've seen a lot of innovation from voluntary participants (users) in this project and for example Fab@Home.

The core innovation of the FDM process was invented by Scott Crump to make a toy frog for his daughter. After spending a lot of money on improving the process, his wife urged him to either abandon this project or commercialize it. He's now CEO of Stratasys.

I was wondering who has modified commercial 3D printers, used them in an innovative way, circumvented the traditional processes, extended its capabilities? If not, perhaps you know a user group of people that are using them?

I'm also very interested to talk to people who develop 3D printers, such as the people at Statasys and partners, distributors, RP service bureau's such as Materialse, RedEye, Shapeways, etc. If you have any pointers, that would be tremendously helpful!



Erik de Bruijn
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