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RepRap MendelMax Extrusion Issues

Posted by MrFanForced 
RepRap MendelMax Extrusion Issues
September 26, 2013 07:38AM

I recently finished building a MendelMax 1.5 3D printer and I got it working really well, then the hotend melted.

I got a new Magma hotend to replace the old J-Head IV that worked, so far the Magma hotend has been unable to print because the extruder keeps trying to push plastic through but the hotend seems to be full, jamming it up and making the hobbed bolt carve into the filament. I have been stuck on this for weeks without and breakthroughs and I'm completely out of ideas.

I have also tried using a Budaschnozzle unfortunately, that had the same issue as the Magma hotend and jammed up.

I'm using 1.75mm ABS plastic and my extruder is a
3D Printer Tek eBay description
Greg's Tilt Extruder with wide Herringbone Gears, M4 Idler bolt with correct springs, HIVE 76 Milled Hobbed bolt

I'm getting really annoyed by this issue and would love to have it fixed and printing again.


P.S I'm going to post this on the RepRap forums and RepRap subbreddit to get the most help, thanks!
Re: RepRap MendelMax Extrusion Issues
September 26, 2013 10:01PM

What plastic are you printing with? PLA or ABS? Search the forum, I believe you'll find that for PLA you need to cool the upper section of your hot end with a fan. Look for "heat creep".

That's relevant to the Budashnozzle as well. There is no need for a fan if you print ABS.
Re: RepRap MendelMax Extrusion Issues
September 28, 2013 12:47AM
Thanks for replying,

I am using ABS and I am using a cooling fan to keep the upper section cool. The description in the product pages say that a cooling fan running at all time is highly recommended.
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