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DealExtreme RepRap Prusa Mendel kit

Posted by TuPP3 
DealExtreme RepRap Prusa Mendel kit
September 28, 2013 08:40AM
I'm starting to have intrest in 3D printers, and I saw this RepRap Prusa Mendel full kit for 500€:


It's -11% for this weekend so I'd save some 50€ buying now, but I'd like to ask you if this seems to be in any way a resonable kit of this model. You know the parts better than I do, so is there something wrong with this kit? Can I get it for a better price somewhere else? I don't want to waste 500€ and realize that I'd be way better off buying something other model.
The same site sells various parts for the RepRap also, but I'd like to keep the costs of impulse buy not climbing to 1000€ for a hobby.

Is this model a right way to go anyway? Is there any more preferred models for beginners? I'd like to produce good quality 3D prints for my prototypes, such as gearing and plastic cases for my electronics and also plastic repair parts.
If there's cheaper model that can do about the same as this with less of a maintenance or just for a cost of smaller print area, please let me know.

Should I wait some time for the prices to drop, or better models/solutions to emerge in 3D printing? Should I go for the i3?

Thank you.

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