Hurray! the low cost 3D printed robot prosthetic hand just met it's target on Indiegogo
October 07, 2013 07:31PM
I thought that I would mention what I think this is a really great project because their time is running out...

The Open Hand Project crowdfund on Indiegogo

The project is to mass produce a 3D printed robotic prosthetic hands for amputees at a much more affordable (<£1,000) price - a fraction of their current price.

It's an all or nothing crowd fund with some great perks/rewards, so do please take a look and tell your friends if you like what you see. I have already decided that many of my Christmas presents this year are going to be Open Hand smartphone gloves!



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50 hours to go.

7 out of the 40 hands on offer have been signed up for so they effectively have a few 'pre-sales'.

Hopefully, they may get some enquiries from medical institutions and other individuals to help make this happen even if the crowd fund fails....
I hope my friends and family all put touch screen gloves on their Xmas list :-)
Great news.

BTW, "it's" = it is. So your topic title reads "Hurray! the low cost 3D printed robot prosthetic hand just met it is target on Indiegogo"... doesn't make sense does it.
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