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PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?

Posted by IntelliTom 
PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 22, 2013 08:56PM
Hi Guys

Quick question. Occasionally I'm getting PLA prints lift up from the bed. I'm experimenting with different configurations to solve this. But to save the odd print that decides to lift halfway through, would it be possible to quickly run a blob of quick setting CA glue under the edge that's lifting? On the assumption that Acetone should\could release it at the end of the print? Does Acetone affect PLA at all? Or is this just a dumb idea?

Re: PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 23, 2013 03:45AM
Never tried ca glue myself, but short contact with acetone shouldn't affect PLA in any major way.

I did a small experiment where i soaked a small piece of PLA in acetone for a couple of weeks. The piece came out almost intact, but I think the consistency changed slightly. It felt a bit more rubbery and slightly bloated, as if it had absorbed small amounts of acetone. May have been due to minor breakdown aswell.

Anyhow, you may get discoloration at the spots that have had contact with acetone.

I'd say try it on some non-critical print and see what happens.

Re: PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 24, 2013 03:03AM
bluetape. you can also try gorrilla glass or glass wit high sodium, content.

I use acrylic floor wax on glass for a heated bed for abs and pla. first layer at 20% speed of other layers.
Re: PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 24, 2013 04:09AM
I tried glue stick on heated and on unheated glass. Tombow brand glue stick works best with a heated platform at 60°C. After cooling down, the prints can be easily snapped off the glass plate. The surface is reusable several times. UHU brand glue stick works so well, you can print on an unheated platform. But getting the prints off the glass is a little bit more difficult. You have to apply a new coat of glue stick (small amounts are absolutely sufficient) to repair the glue stick layer as pulling the objects off the platform will take some glue with it.
Very simple, yet effective solution that doesn't require shopping for more exotic materials (I have a hard time finding blue painters tape, for example).
Re: PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 25, 2013 04:49AM
I apply a thin coating of Tesa gluestick (in germany Tesa is a well known company).
The first two or three prints stick very well to unheated glass, but theres a small amount of glue left at the print.
Before the following prints i spray some window cleaner and wipe it over the glass.
As soon as the alcohol is vaporized a non sticky surface is left on the glass, but the hot PLA sticks pretty good to it.
Re: PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 25, 2013 07:47AM
Tesa was a little bit expensive compared to UHU, if I remember correctly, but if the surface is reusable, maybe the investment pays off?
Re: PLA, CA Glue & Acetone?
November 26, 2013 03:00AM
i was using uhu, was working very well, not sure why i changed but have since changed to this product which smells nasty when you first spray it, works very well tho
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