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Printer does not move. Help me!

Posted by TOM RR 
Printer does not move. Help me!
November 23, 2013 04:22AM
I bought a printer called "RepRap Mendel Huxley".
I have installed the driver as described in the manual provided.
It was moving at first, but it became stuck in manually now.
LED on the motherboard of the printer is flashing the current situation.
Port's as correctly detected, but they have not done correctly can communicate with the printer.
Software you are using the latest version of "Repetier-Host".
Software and driver I also tried various versions of course.
OS's Win7.

I'm sorry in English dirty machine translation, please help this Fuckin 'Jap.
User is not much less even 3D printer in Japan. Information is low.
Only you we're dependable.

Would like to ask a simple English if possible.
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