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Complete kit of all parts

Posted by Jim Lewis 
Re: Complete kit of all parts
September 16, 2007 01:17PM
IgorT Wrote:
> Hi!
> > store. until then, your best bet is to either
> buy
> > a commercial 3-axis system, and attach an
> > extruder, or attempt to build one from scratch.
> Where can you buy a commercial 3-axis system? What
> else, besides the extruder would it need to become
> a full RepRap machine?

i'm not entirely sure... a bit of googling will reveal some sources.

> > us here also work full-time. our stated goal
> has
> > always been 2008, and i think we're on-track to
> > hit that goal. stick around... its going to be
> > very exciting =)
> I really hope you hit that goal! I would buy the
> kit immediately.. Any idea in what range the price
> for a complete kit would be?

me too. the full kit will probably run $500-$600 for everything you need. i'm waiting for my lasercut parts, and which i'm going to assemble into a machine. if those work out, then i'll be ordering a decent size order (25?) and then i'll be selling those. once we get that, we'll be very close to having a full kit.

my guess is that the lasercut cartesian kit will be $150 - $175
the electronics run about $100-$150 (i think)
the extruder will run about $50 - 100
the motors will run about $60
various other tools will run you another hundred or so.

realistically, darwin is designed to be printed, so until we have a proliferation of printers, its going to be somewhat tough to get kits for it. really, its more of a second generation design.
Re: Complete kit of all parts
September 17, 2007 04:30PM
just let me know when it's available. I am definitely interested in purchasing one of these
Re: Complete kit of all parts
November 18, 2007 12:46AM
I am also interested in the kit, although I would also be interested in just the extruder portion as well.
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