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Make a Cheap 3D Scanner

Posted by mappum 
Make a Cheap 3D Scanner
June 24, 2007 12:44PM
I was looking on instructables, and found this very original, very useful 3D scanner. [www.instructables.com]

We could scan small things that we put in here, and print them in our RepRaps. It works by putting the object in a tupperware container with a webcam looking down on it, and you put a spoonfull of milk into the container, take a picture, spoonfull of milk, take a picture, etc. The milk is a solid color and the camera only sees the parts above the milk, knowing those parts are higher than the parts that got covered in milk. This is kind of hard to explain, so if you don't understand, go to the link i gave you above and watch the video.

Re: Make a Cheap 3D Scanner
June 24, 2007 12:45PM
After posting this, I saw a thread about the same thing. Sorry!
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