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Trying to understand everything

Posted by Doug1 
Trying to understand everything
February 03, 2014 03:11PM
Ok couple questions here.

#1 Auto leveling bed
Ok after the nightmare I had leveling my bed this option seemed attractive.. Well right up until I figured out it doesn’t matter how level your bed is if it’s not level with your Y axis.

So question is if I install an auto leveling bed (I’m still looking for a good plan for this) there a way to split that off to auto level Y as well (note: in my printer Y - Level is controlled by the z axis motors)

#2 Nicrome Wire
Question here is an easy one. I have a 12v / 15amp power supply. If i run a series or parallel wire along the bottom of i print bed what’s going to happen ?
a. The wire grounds out against the stainless blows the breaker on my power supply possibly damaging all my electronics
b. The wire uses more power then the D8 (RAMPS 1.4) has available cooks my ramps board making my girlfriend angry at the smell ( not to mention cost of replacement parts )

(note: i also have 2 20 watt heater cartridges and blocks i could mount under the edit: bed not board but the wire i think heat more evenly)

#3 Motor Feedback
I have heard allot of impressive things ( to me anyway ) about servo motors being able to tell when they don’t step correctly and even making up steps when they are behind. Again where print quality is concerned this seems to be the holy grail of 3d printing.
So is there a controller out there that can fully use these motors yet, or add on for a current contoler or something ?

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Re: Trying to understand everything
February 03, 2014 03:42PM
I would suggest getting all your measurement tools and squares out again and redo your machine correctly. Before you start any of the other auto bed leveling or anything machine has to be square and accurately assembled first.

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Re: Trying to understand everything
February 03, 2014 04:14PM
Ohh its there i ran prints and all its all good now just thinking upgrades at this point.
Re: Trying to understand everything
February 04, 2014 12:51PM
A long thread about auto-bed leveling with Marlin: [forums.reprap.org]
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