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Corners warping off the bed

Posted by Charles Fried 
Corners warping off the bed
February 07, 2014 01:43PM
Hi there,

When I print something with a fairly large footprint (<100mm) the corners seems to come unstuck to the bed and curl up affecting the rest of the print.
I'm printing PLA on a bed at 60 degrees which had just been covered with capton tape.

At first I though the bed wasn't quiet level but after having gone over it a few times I'm wondering if something else could be causing this?!
Could the fan pointing at the hot end be blowing too strong?
Re: Corners warping off the bed
February 07, 2014 02:04PM
First of all, are you sure it's PLA you're printing? And did you clean the kapton with acetone? It can be very useful to do so.

I cannot imagine PLA warping much. Could you maybe also post a picture and a link to the thing you're trying to print? It might be the model that is hard to print. And you could try adding a brim in difficult situations like this one.
Re: Corners warping off the bed
February 07, 2014 02:04PM
I have found that my larger PLA prints lift off the bed only if the bed temperature is too high and the initial first layer temperature of the nozzle is too low. I also had MUCH more success printing PLA onto blue painters tape than I did printing it onto Kapton tape.

What is your nozzle temperature?

I print at 195 first layer then at 185 for all successive layers. My bed is at 70 for the first layer and 50 thereafter, however, I have turned the bed completely off before with no adverse effects. some more intricate parts required the bed be turned off due to excessive heating of the small delicate parts.
Re: Corners warping off the bed
February 07, 2014 04:47PM
also check your bed level, this happened to me and i realized my bed was out of wack
Re: Corners warping off the bed
February 07, 2014 10:37PM
I had same issues for about a year until i finally solved it.

- print on blue painters tape
- no heated bed (i dont use heated bed)
- first layer at 205C and 195C after (will vary from one printer to the next or different brands of PLA)
- firt layer height at .15mm
- first layer extrusion width at 1.5 times nozzle diameter
- use a fan blowing continuously
- speed for first layer is set to 10mm / sec
- USE THE BRIM FUNCTION in Slic3r. I set my brim to 8mm wide. (very important)

With a very low layer height on first layer the brim peels away from the part after printing effortlessly. All of these points are important to get the first layer to adhere well to the surface and stay that way.
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