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Firmware question | simple question then test

Posted by bishupz1 
Firmware question | simple question then test
February 21, 2014 02:41PM
I have an Azteeg X3
There either is a problem with the board for the z-axis pins, or an aspect of the firmware.

I do have 2 stepper on the Z axis, but for testing purposes I am using a single stepper motor. Any stepper I place on the Z axis from the board (single or dual - in parallel) at the most pulse. I can turn the pot up to 1.2 volts and still it just pulses...

Note on the parallel Z-axis steppers, I can place them in the Y-axis and everything works fine.

Back to the original question I had. I have been using Repetier Hosts (what a great little tool if you haven't seen this page yet - Repetier) for the board, everything works except for the Z-axis. I disassembled everything to test just for the steppers, removed LCD, heatbed, 2nd extruder...

The question: Do you think that this could be a firmware problem? I want to test an older version of marlin that I configured..

I am running out of options, and the only thing I can think of is that the board has a problem (easier to blame the board smiling smiley ).

Another thing that I was thinking is that there could be some option in the firmware selection to build your custom settings from Repetier Host that I am not aware of that can debunk an aspect of the board... Just guessing at this point what could be going wrong.
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