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Reprap mendel prusa

Posted by Sean Birt 
Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 05:59AM
Hello all, how are you?
i am sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i was unsure where to post. I have a slightly odd request, i am have been asked if i could build a reprap printer for an Rspca pet resue centre in norfolk for as little as possible. I have had a quick look at this and i think that the prusa mendel would be the one.
Now my request is could/would anybody be willing to donate any parts/spare unused parts that may be laying about suitable for the build?

So you see i am on a begging mission to source as much of this build from donated parts.
Any kind of help would be a fantastic help.
Thank you very much for reading this, i await any reply.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 06:41AM
what does the RSPCA want with a printer a beak for a duck?. I can do the bar clamp and the frame vertex, but who's payin the postage? think it be wise to have the xends and carriage printed from the same printer,, if there no joy in having a group print the parts i do the lot for £20 "price of the fillament".

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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 06:56AM
Hiya thank you for the reply.
Well you say that about the beak, they are going to be using it for bespoke catches for cages, boxes or anything really maybe even prostetics of some kind.
Of course i would pay for postage on any items donated.
How do i find out if any groups are up for it? Or will they just see this here?
Thanks for the offer, that sounds ok. I am all new to this, so am learning as i go.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 07:37AM
drop an email to [www.faberdashery.co.uk] see if they can donate some filament, and [www.3distributed.com] they can only say no, but its a worthy cause and the publicity want hurt them

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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 08:35AM
Thank you kindly, i have done what you suggested. Lets see what happens.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 09:34AM
Do you have a website? I think it will help if you could write all donations on a site and maybe post some info on the project when it comes along.
Maybe i could help with some steppers. But i'am from Denmark, so don't know about postage.

Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 24, 2014 10:05AM
Hello, thanks for your reply.
No there is no website, the Rspca shop and pet rescue centre are west norfolk branch and are too small for individual websites.
But i will be creating a facebook page and maybe some vids or maybe a thank you webpage listing and thanking every single person that has been so kind to donate parts.

Thanks for the offer of steppers, i would pay postage if not too high.
Thanks again

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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 25, 2014 07:04AM
Hiya all again, how are ya?
It would be better if i could source most of the parts from the uk. After finding out how much it would cost to get some steppers from denmark. Once or twice isnt too bad, but it will add up fast.

Thank you if can help
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 26, 2014 03:32AM
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 26, 2014 04:31AM
only send PLA guys the UK is too cold to print ABS smiling smiley No seriously, this sounds like a good application of 3d printing.
!!!New wheels for larry the tortoise etc.!!!!!

I'm sure there's planty of potential sponsors that would like to have a few press shots of their filament saving kittens. why not also email uk company filaprint.com. Theyre my supplier, based in Essex

Re: Reprap mendel prusa
February 26, 2014 05:03AM
You probably should post some pic's of your facility, people, and pets.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 07, 2014 07:40AM
Hello thank you for your guidance.
I will keep trying to get this printer built, as for it being in the uk to cold for abs. I dont think so sir.
Pictures of the facilities and people i work with can be found across the internet. MRS marie Hayes Obe at tbe charity shop and eau brink rescue centre and east winch wildlife hospital.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 07, 2014 08:32PM
Hello Sean,
We see this kind of request come up quite a few times on the Forums. The problem a lot of people have is a question of trust - i.e. is it genuine or is someone just trying it on to get a cheap printer - I would like to think you are the former. However, as A2 may have been hinting at previously, solid proof of your operation like newspaper clippings or whatever would yield dividends I'm sure.

Waitaki 3D Printer
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 10, 2014 10:51AM
Hello there and thank you for your advice. Yes i am the former, i volunteer for the charity shops in kings lynn on norfolk street, i have attached some images of the shop and the opening day at the rescue centre. The east winch wildlife hospital is actually ran by the national charity, but will still be benifiting from this printer eventually, i hope.
My charity shop boss is the lady behind man in the middle with beige jacket, mrs Marie Hayes OBE now on her mission to raise a further million to add to the first she has managed to raise.
I am contactable at the charity shop on a saturday morning if anybody needs further confirmation. I will try and post somemore stuff later, also a facebook page for the shop will be up n running asap, and the thank you page for anybody that donates, all will be listed no matter how small the parts donated.
Thank you very much. Any questions just ask.
open | download - wlyDXYHPKEXdrvXaxnJ1bo18B9_oQWtsr5XXFupZYhU9lSUIngY5aQT8RwZlrzsoGEwelpnXsUo-mr9t=s320.jpeg (31.2 KB)
open | download - 2741743289.jpg (36.2 KB)
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 10, 2014 11:24AM
mrs Marie Hayes OBE now on her mission to raise a further million then you don't need my charity grinning smiley.

but sometimes we just gotta do things on faith!!. here's my small contribution the Y brackets are little ropey but they will clean up ok and hold, until you have the chance to print another set " which is a must to have a spare set". you really should set up a google site for this. it will serve you well keeping other informed off the parts you need and raise awareness off what you doing. don't forget building the printing the fun part keeping it fed with plastic will be the challenge. email me with the address you payin postage. should be no more than £4." but you never know with royal thieving mail these days"..
happy printing jinx

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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 10, 2014 03:14PM
Thank you kindly, pmed ya.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 10, 2014 03:15PM
Parts already donated:
Electronics, GT2 Belt, GT2 Pulleys & some filament (Oozenest)
Printed parts (Jinx)
None recieved as yet

Thank you very much so,
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 10, 2014 05:58PM
PM me your details and I'll send you a roll of PLA. You'll need to let me know the diameter (1.75mm or 3mm) and what colour you'd like.

[3DKarma.com] - suppliers of quality, affordable 3D printer kits and filament for the UK market.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 06:05AM
3dkarma a generous offer not spoken to sean about this idea donate the plastic to me and I,ll print the whole machine, that is unless other are coming forward with parts " having me print the whole machine will eliminate any issue of size between printers. I can forward the remaining filament onto Sean.
have a little experience in printing the prusa mendel.

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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 07:11AM
Thank you 3dkarma, which diameter filament is best?
Yes jinx that is ok with me, good idea.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 07:36AM
which diameter filament is best?" think that boils down to personal choice in a lot of ways, pla at 1.75 " what i use " been brilliant, on the other hand soft,flex 3 mm is easier to work with I've read, if you can wangle a j head mkV as it possible to change the inner liner from 1.75 to 3mm " a bit of an aggro at time but possible. but for best option drop E3D an email for an 3mm for a good all rounder. working with pla for rigid support is best if the we beastie ever throws off what ever support then it just degrade on the ground compared to other s filament " ABS " stay on the ground for years may end choking another beastie.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 08:19AM
If my local RSPCA office needed things designing and printing that could help them I would be more than happy to do it. That way they don't need the hassle of operating a 3D printer.

So, Sean, is there a discussion inside the RSPCA of the benefits of 3D printing to the organization? Is there a contact person who is driving this request? What specifically has your local branch already requested to be printed? And by that I mean specifics not generalities like "a cage latch". Pictures would be good.

Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 09:28AM
Thats very kind Andy, but most would not. Although after posting this, i think theres alot of love out there.
They would not have the hassle of running it because i would take care of that side of things. All they need do is use there imagination.
No there is no discussion as yet within the main national charity as yet, just a few people at my branch. We are hopeing that once its up n running the emails n phone calls will go out, and there will be loads of demand and then we will look at doing something more national. There is always that time when you think we could do with something for that but what?? Now if they think of something they could have it printed. Within reason!!
I can not give you definate objects because it could be anything, tiny splints , small animal carriages, latches, bowls or instrument holders. The possibilities are endless, as someone once said.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 09:50AM
also i think i will be going down the 3mm filament route.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 09:52AM
Perhaps what is needed is a website which explains 3D printing and allows charities/non-profits to post specific requests. Then anyone with a 3D printer can "accept" a request and contact the charity to complete it.

Building such a site is technically easy. The difficult part is the networker/evangelist who can spend the considerable time needed to raise awareness among charities.

Also I think that it would need specific examples of where 3D printing has helped charities in order to spur other's imaginations.


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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 10:20AM

PM me your details and I'll send a roll to you. Can you print in 3mm? That's Sean's preferred size. @Sean - let me know the colour.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 11, 2014 11:16AM
That is a great idea Andy, may look at something like that when this is done.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 13, 2014 06:59AM
thanks everyone for all the help, it is getting there.
Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 17, 2014 09:46AM
All plastic parts for the build are being printed. (Jinx) with filament supplied by (Ian@3dkarma)
All Electronics and GT2 Belt & Pulleys are being supplied. (RyanL@Oozenest)

Still abit to go though people. though i am still awaiting responses from a few people.
i will try and get the FACEBOOK page up some in the next week or so.

confused smileyorry bout that made a slight mistake:

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Re: Reprap mendel prusa
March 26, 2014 04:45AM
quick update printing going well, printing the vertex feet today smaller part later then the frame is done, few parts lifted on the corner but its no issue to the printer
the E3D like yr filament 3Dkarma


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