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how reassonablef or a newbie?

Posted by Daver 
how reassonablef or a newbie?
July 02, 2007 10:24AM
I'm into scratchbuilt modeling, and a machine like this would be perfect for me. My question is what is the difficulty level of getting one up and running. I'm fairly good mechanically (being a modeler and all), and can understand computers very well (though I'm not a programmer at all). I can use a soldering iron and voltmeter, but that's the extent of my electronics skills. I'm getting the basics down for some 3d modeling software.
Re: how reassonablef or a newbie?
July 02, 2007 12:29PM
If you can solder, follow instructions and do basic debugging with a voltmeter then you should have no problems with the electronics. You just buy the PCBs and parts and solder them together.

As long as you stick to the recomended hardware you don't have to change any software, you can just download it.

So if you can manage the mechanical aspects I think you will get along fine.

The project is still experimental at the moment so nobody knows how good the end results will be yet.

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I looked at our blog, and I like your milling machine. Is that an adaptation of the rep-rap plans?

Even just a milling machine like that would be very handy for my hobby
Re: how reassonablef or a newbie?
July 03, 2007 06:55PM
Currently it has little connection with the RepRap design because I made it from surplus parts I bought off eBay and electronics I had already. At the moment it is just a small but very accurate milling machine controller by Python script over Ethernet.

I am using it to make the RepRap extruder which I hope to finish next week. If that works I will attach it the machine and use it to make the rest of the parts of a Darwin. To do that I will have to adapt the RepRap host software to talk to my machine over Ethernet rather than a network of PICs on the serial port.

It should also be able to mill and drill PCBs once I sort out some Gerber software.

Eventually I intend to mount multiples heads on a rotating wheel so that it can mill, FDM and pick and place SMT components. At the rate I am progressing I think it will be into next year before I get to that stage.

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