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Mendelmax with qu-bd

Posted by dlciii 
Mendelmax with qu-bd
April 02, 2014 05:13PM
I need some help in finding a carriage that will finish my mendelmax that I started so long ago.

I have had people step in and help but I am still not there. I would like to finish this. April 2014!

I have all the parts for a mendelmax including some extras but none that will work with the @$#%*! qu-bd extruder that I got on kickstarter (yah, I have been at this that long).

I could scrap the qu-bd (as I hear its a pain) but I would like to stop dumping money into this thing.

Has anyone built a carriage that fits a qu-bd to a mendelmax and have they gotten it to work? I have found some but then I later find out they are trash.

Do you have a solution to my pain?
Re: Mendelmax with qu-bd
April 03, 2014 10:18PM
what i did is not an ideal solution, but i scavenged a mount plate for a SSD and then i used PC7 to glue the lm7uu bearings i had to it after i cut a whole in it big enough for the qu-bd hot end.

i also got a better drive gear for the qu-bd extruder, my only issue with is is that i am not able to print with PLA, it just james up in it too fast. but for my ABS its worked great, and i am still using all the stock parts besides the hobbed drive gear.

Re: Mendelmax with qu-bd
April 08, 2014 05:37PM
Which hobbed gear did you use?

Can you send me a pic of your setup?
Re: Mendelmax with qu-bd
April 08, 2014 10:43PM
this guy essentially mk7 hobbed gear.

in the pic you can see how i did things on the top, all i really did is cut a square in the plate and then used pc7 to attach my lm7uu bearing, and so far so good. i should have made the square a tad bigger so that it would be less trouble to add another extruder.

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