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Time Sensitive Question about Morgan/Lilian & Other Starter Questions

Posted by The3rdIcon 
Time Sensitive Question about Morgan/Lilian & Other Starter Questions
April 04, 2014 01:16AM
I first want to say that these aren't complete Newbie Question as I did read the Post that you should read before you post.


On Arduino day 3D Hubs had post a promotional code giving credit to users. This Promotional Code, which gives me $15, expires on April 11th. I want to use it to start Printing Morgan parts but first I need to get some answer about Repraps and 3D printers in General. I apologize for not doing as much research as I probably should have but I'm currently trying to pass the Certified Public Account (CPA) Exams. This alone is a challenging endeavor which takes up all of my time except for the 2 hours a week I allow myself to relax and do this along with other arduino projects.

Morgan Specific Question:
  1. Does the Morgan use ABS or PLA or can I buy parts to customize this printer how ever I see fit with ease?
  2. How hard is it to modify if I wanted to try clay, Wax or some other kind of printing?
  3. Is there a Recommended order I should print the parts out in so I can work on it as the parts come in?
  4. In the Wiki I see that heating bed is 200mm X 200mm but how tall is it?
  5. Is the calibration process challenging? What is the average time for the whole Calibration process? Hours? Days? Weeks?
  6. Does this model, the Morgan, require a Specific Gcode generator, Host Software and Firmware? Are there ones that come recommended for Beginners and Experts?

3D Printing Question in General
  1. What is the average price per volume to have parts printed in PLA? ABS?
  2. Are the CAM tools something I will have to learn how to use or could an 8 year old use them?
  3. What has been everyone's experience with the learning curve on Building, Troubleshooting, Repair and Printing with your Repraps?
  4. Are parts are typically upgraded after your 1st Build? If so what normally gets upgrade and What upgrades have higher yields of improvement?
  5. On the Software Side how is scale determined in something like OpenSCAD?
  6. How do you test the resolution of your print? Is it determined by the filament thickness?

I think is everything. Its 1 AM here and I have another day with 12 hrs of studying ahead of me.

Thanks in Advance!
Re: Time Sensitive Question about Morgan/Lilian & Other Starter Questions
April 06, 2014 01:59AM
ABS versus PLA is determined by your hotend and bed. You can customize it either way. PLA is probably enough, though.
For clay or wax you'd need a custom extruder. It would be about the same difficulty on any printer, as long as the right adapter exists.
I'm not sure, sorry.
Assuming you're using the standard square red heatbed, the heatbed and glass together are about 4.5mm high (according to eBay).
Calibrating my Kossel took a few hours the first time, now about 15 minutes. I would guess Morgan would be a bit more.
The wiki says it requires a custom firmware. The rest of the toolchain can probably be standard.

PLA is ~$35/Kg, I believe ABS is similar. Density varies, but I believe the price will be on the order of $10/cm^3. (Don't quote me on that.)
I'm not sure how figuratively you're speaking. Yes, you will have to learn them -- they don't have direct brain-computer interfaces yet -- but even with OpenSCAD, which is fairly arcane, you can start making useful models with just a few hours of experience if you use the wiki heavily.
Building was surprisingly fast and easy, though I did build a fairly well-known design. Troubleshooting,. repair and printing are virtually one and the same -- take from that what you will -- but at just a few months from my first print, I'm already doing much better.
Yes, parts are typically upgraded. I can't say for Morgan in particular, but I have already replaced a carriage, added two fans and a heatsink, and designed and added a spool holder. Your "yield of improvement" depends heavily on the particulars of your machine.
In OpenSCAD, one unit is generally one millimetre, though of course this can be changed in your slicer.
Resolution isn't a single number. There's layer height, filament width, tolerance, and all sorts of little things like corner bulge and stringing.

Hope this helps!
Re: Time Sensitive Question about Morgan/Lilian & Other Starter Questions
April 07, 2014 11:21AM
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