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QU-BD Problems

Posted by jkerr 
Re: QU-BD Problems
July 21, 2014 04:34PM
Have to give praise where praise is due.

I was one who was upset with the delivery issues (Paula) but I have to say that QU-BD made an honest effort to help me get my printer running. Their response was quick

It turned out that the USB cable was bad.

I now have a running but not calibrated machine.

I hope that those of you still waiting for delivery will receive your printers soon and will have no problems.

Thanks for listening to my bit____g.

Re: QU-BD Problems
July 22, 2014 02:44AM
I funded both of there kick starters, and being used to kick starter I expected delays. Both orders showed up within a reasonable amount of time with knowing that most kick starter are late on delivery. When I got the one up printer I was about to have surgery so I put it on the back burner since I didn't see having 20 hours to put it together like my prusa i2. I decided to order the upgrade kits to make it a heated two up, and I ordered some other stuff, the other stuff showed up in 3 days but the upgrades didn't. I am guessing with them still sending out kick starter rewards my open order ticket was lost in the shuffle. I emailed them after hearing Paula had left the company, to ask about my order status. I got an email the next day apologizing and a discount code for the delay, and a tracking number later in the day. Everything came and I assembled the printer and electronics in under 5 hours. I will order again and happily back them on kickstarter.

Be nice and check your spam folders.
Re: QU-BD Problems
July 25, 2014 10:20AM
I got my printer but there were 2 broken parts and some others missing. They said they were going to ship those to me, but given the long time it took for the actual printer to be delivered (I assume they still have supply issues) I am not holding my breath. I glued the parts and made/bought the missing ones and got the printer running. Still tweaking and I will proceed to print all upgrades listed in Thingiverse so I can replace the glued parts before they break (again!)
Re: QU-BD Problems
September 04, 2014 01:40PM
I ordered a two up, no heated bed, on July 8th from the website, and my usps tracking says it will be here Monday the 8th. That's under 2 months turn around! Not too bad. I'll update regarding missing parts, and issues, or lack of when it arrives.
Re: QU-BD Problems
September 05, 2014 07:52AM
Cool! I guess they are getting around their initial problems. I did order the Z-coupler from them a few weeks back and they delivered it quickly (received within a week). That got rid of my Z-wobble problem.
Re: QU-BD Problems
September 07, 2014 01:55PM
Ok, the good and the bad of the 2up and qubd!

I recieved my printer sept 6th, having ordered it July 8th! I was very pleased with the speed as I was expecting November, after reading many a forum. I was order #6701.
Box was lightly damaged and slightly opened, my post lady said she re taped it, hoping nothing was lost! Everything was bagged well, so nothing was lost in shipping!

After checking over my parts, everything was accounted for except y table drive bushings, part 'MM' I thought, ahh, I can make some spacers, no biggie...
Started with extruder assembly, and a back plate, part 'L' was miss laser-ed. The motor bolt holes were off by an inch collectively. So I just filled them with wood pegs and wood glue, lined up the parts and drilled the 4 necessary holes.
Everything was good until I got to the x axis belt! When putting it on, it was only a 300ish mm belt, for the one up, but I needed a 560mm long belt! Argh. So my brother suggests cut and modify, but I had different pair of gt2 belt and pulley that matched diameter, so I made them work as both x and y belts were 1up intended.

Also, they must have changed their bed leveling screws, as I received m3-30s, opposed to m4-25s. They were longer, which helps and thinner, so they don't bind in the bed thru holes. Also one mounting hole in 1 stepper motor had threads set too deep to engage screw length. 1/16 is pretty good, and that's the nema manufacturers fault.

Z screw was fixed, I received the new top piece so there was no 3mm offset! Extremely tight laser cut tolerances, made mdf an extremely snug fit, I only had to sandpaper for 1-2 minutes for entire build. Small screw parts were not labeled, but were well grouped into baggies.

YouTube Video Instructions from 3dprintedlife made firmware a breeze. Jeepguy42 did crazy clean easy to read build instructions, and numerous testers made this project feel simple. Thanks to everyone for their efforts.
Also I am very pleased with the product quality at such a low price, Qubd had a bad rap online, but really, they met my expectations, didn't blow my socks off, but hey, it's a freaking $200 printer.
I found the little issues just made me more comfortable with my printer, knowing if something is amiss, I can resolve it for sure.

Hope my review has given you another perspective on what to expect from a pretty decent company. It's not flawless, but pretty good for a modern American Manufacturer.
Re: QU-BD Problems
September 08, 2014 08:09AM
I get how this guys feels, but hey, Open your eyes, lots of people use kick starter as advertising, Free? no...

I don't know about you, but my time is worth more than any money amount, the time it takes to organise the campaign costs time
Re: QU-BD Problems
September 09, 2014 10:42AM
I find it funny that some people seem to receive their orders and get customer service. I have not seen anything like that from QU-BD. I placed my order in Feb 2014 on their website, not Kickstarter or any other crowd funding site. The website said April delivery. I started opening tickets in May and looking for other peoples experiences. After the 3rd ticket my order's status was changed to shipped on July 18. I received an email stating the change and that I would receive a tracking number for the order soon. By August 18, I had had enough of the lies and deceptions from both Paula and Chelsea. (note: Paula not longer works for QU-BD according to Chelsea) So I demanded a refund. I have not yet received a refund.

My order is #005562, I ordered a twoUp complete kit w/o heated bed and a spool of their premium filament.

I also initiated a dispute of the transaction with my bank and started a complaint to the BBB in Arkansas.

The time I have spent to get either the product or my money back is beyond frustrating. Chelsea just closes tickets even after I re-open them and state that this ticket is not closed until the issue is resolved. I do like that 3ders has removed this scam from the price guide, but Amazon is selling their crap. How many other companies are selling QU-BDs products for them.
Re: QU-BD Problems
November 08, 2014 03:46AM
Yeah, good luck with that refund. I only got my XXL as a kit (unassembled) after I drove out to Little Rock to pick it up after Nathan e-mailed me and told me it was assembled and ready to go. (Whoops, he was looking at the XL's, not the XXL). No biggie, it was easy enough to assemble, there were some laser cut holes that were off, and the frames were no longer solid aluminum. It's now acrylic and stainless steel. That became an issue as the acrylic warped from the heat of the sun plus the printer running... Took it back to Little Rock a couple of times due to various issues, several of which are still not fixed, (irrelevant now as the chargeback is done and the printer has been tossed.) all told, I spent about a week out there trying to get the printer fixed/working correctly. It still doesn't work. Asked for a refund in person, the refund was denied. Initiated a charge-back with my CC company, got my cash back that way. Still out the fuel and hotel bills, but whatever.. Lesson learned. Avoid QU-BD. Chelsea isn't really Chelsea, it's Nathan. The whole week I was there, I didn't see her once.

Would I buy from QU-BD? sure, extruders, hot-ends, small parts and the like that they actually make and ship. Their printers? Avoid that mess at all costs unless you have nothing but time..
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