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April 13, 2014 12:42PM
Hi Guys,
I live in the US and was looking to buy a 3D printer from 3D Labtek. From pictures, I'm already fairly confident about quality, speed, build volume, etc., but I was wondering about reliability from both the company and the printer. Anybody own one of their printers in the US? What's happened in terms of support? With such a small userbase, they could easily be scammers......
Re: 3D Labtek
April 13, 2014 01:12PM
This makes me laugh.

3D labtek
We print only ABS parts. No PLA!
Parts printed in ABS in terms of rigidity, are not different from those printed in PLA.
What really makes ABS better is the HEAT RESISTANCE of ABS and IT'S DURABILITY.
at the end of its life in a product it goes to recycling making new products. So if you are concerned about the environment,
you should definitely buy parts from ABS. Once the usefulness of the parts are done, it gets recycle. Plastic goes in an endless recycling loop.
PLA is made out of corn. Do you really want the majority of your parts be biodegradable or durable like ABS?
You may ask,
if ABS is soo good why do some people print in PLA?
The answer is simple,
PLA IS EASIER TO PRINT. Beginners like to use PLA.

PLA is much harder and should be used for gears as ABS gears do not last very long.

ABS can only be recycled a couple of times before it is put in the land fill where is will last for all eternity. Where as PLA can be recycled almost indefinitely and when it does reach end of life it can be composted in a warm moist compost system.

PLA requires a well made and engineered hotend where as ABS can be extruded from almost any poorly built hotend even those crappy J-heads on eBay.

PLA gives higher definition prints because you can cool it and it does not shrink much.

PLA does not warp nearly as much as ABS and does not require a power hungry heated bed.

PLA is not made from corn but rather corn stocks, beat roots and other non-edible parts of plants that contain sugars.

I have made a lot of printers and I have all my hotends mounted to PLA parts and I have never melted one so the temperature thing is moot. Maybe if you are using a crappy hotend that needs to be at 250c just to extrude PLA you will need an ABS mount. If you have some other issues that require you have to have your motor current turned up so high the motors get hot enough to melt what they are attached to then ABS may be better. But in the end the real key is to design a machine correctly so it is not required to have parts that can handle the temperatures required to boil water. Nothing in your home that is not made for cooking should ever go above the glass transition temperature of PLA.

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Re: 3D Labtek
April 15, 2014 09:31AM
I can recommend buying it from 3dLabteK in Poland.
I just bought my first printer from theme and i´m very pleased with that.
They have an option that you can customise you own printer.
And they are very good in supporting there customers.
They treated me very well. I´m from Sweden and don´t speak polish. I get all my support in English.
They done everything they promised.
I can just say that i´m satisfied, Then it´s up to you to desire.

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