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Prusa Nozzle Mk2 Dimensions?

Posted by Iceman086 
Prusa Nozzle Mk2 Dimensions?
June 02, 2014 07:13PM
I am looking for the blue prints or a set of dimensions for the Prusa Nozzle Mk2. I am working on a project for a machining class and I wanted to try to make a modified Prusa Nozzle Mk2 to use 1.75 filament.

If anyone would mind taking a pic of the nozzle with a ruler next to it or if you could put a quarter or something next to it for size reference that would help a ton! If anyone has the actual dimensions or a drafting of the nozzle that would be even better.

Thank you very much!
Re: Prusa Nozzle Mk2 Dimensions?
June 03, 2014 12:15PM
I searched around a bit (I'm sure you've already done this) and the best I could find was an unsatisfying and incomplete drawing of the Mk3(?) on this site. I put a question mark (?) after Mk3 because the drawing doesn't even have the version number on it, it just says "The Nozzle". If that's a reference to the scene from the Venture Brothers then I guess it is kind of funny, but it doesn't really help anyone wanting to build one...

I poked around a bit on Prusa's github but I couldn't find any solid models of the hot ends there. Maybe they're in there, maybe not.

There are some pictures of a Mk2 in this post in the German forum. Maybe those might be of use.

For a design that is so touted as being "open source", the source doesn't exactly seem very... open.
Re: Prusa Nozzle Mk2 Dimensions?
June 03, 2014 12:59PM
Thanks! The pics from the German forum help a bit but I am going to have to guess a bit and base the rest off of the original version.

The link to "The Nozzle" is the Mark I version of the nozzle. A friend of mine has one and it works pretty well.

If I get a good design made I will post some pics of it.
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