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Help with Extruder please

Posted by macsoft 
Help with Extruder please
June 03, 2014 03:43PM

I've build a Prusa some years ago, and It has been colecting dust.
Now i want to put to work again, and remembered i have a broken motor on the extruder.

This is my extruder (can someone identify the type of extruder? I've forgotten a lot of things in these years gone from the project, i have no recolation of what type is it)

Disassembling it I found out the gear on the motor shaft is too well stuck, and I'll probably brake it attempting it to get it loose.
Also, I never liked very much of the print quality of the gears of my extruder.

- can someone identify these type of gears and point me to where I can buy some?

- What are the options on extruders these days? Where can i get a more reliable system, preferably not printed. I've spent lots of time upgrading my printer to be more reliable, and I never liked the roughness of this type of printed extruders..

- I also own a CNC router, and I want to experiment on using it with ramps and an extruder head to print. So Isince the Router is all aluminium, is there an aluminum buit extruder and some better quality gears I can purchase without busting my budget?


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Re: Help with Extruder please
June 03, 2014 03:50PM
I think that's a Greg's extruder. I top down pic would help. I will try to post a link when I'm not on my cell. Sorry

Re: Help with Extruder please
June 03, 2014 03:59PM
Some more pictures of it without the motor now:

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