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laser cutter into a 3D printer

Posted by Navytom 
laser cutter into a 3D printer
June 08, 2014 12:46PM
My work had a epilog helix laser cutter that the mother board blew out so they decided just to spend another 16k and buy a new one. Before they tossed it though I got all of the good stuff out of the inside(everything for the X Y and Z axis). Me and my friend are trying to make a 3d printer out of it but im a little confused on what type of mother board and circuitry/software we will need. I also have the original industrial motors so will that effect the power I need? If everything goes as planned we will have a 24x18x12 printer. Any assistance would be great fully appreciated . Also I hope I posted this in the right place.
Re: laser cutter into a 3D printer
June 09, 2014 01:53PM
Probably best to buy something similar to what was in the original machine. If your printer is going to be bigger its probably not impossible to use standard reprap boards but with industrial components which will draw more current they will work more reliably with industrial driver and boards. You´ll find those in the CNC forums^^
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