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Planning a rework build w/ box frame and SAE rods etc...

Posted by Snails 
Planning a rework build w/ box frame and SAE rods etc...
June 30, 2014 03:02PM
Hello all, first off thanks to the community for the work you've all put in, its amazing! i was surprised how far its come so quickly. I think its time i try my hand at a build. I havn't done any 3d printing, but i'm actually pretty expericed in most of the fields required to attempt this. I've been researching for a few weeks now, and i'm still pretty confused overall, but i think i have a clear goal now. Seems the i3 rework is the way to go, very cheap to build and very upgradable. I would like to build nice quality, but keep the price down where i can. If i can build a box frame from good scrap Ply/hardwood, which i have plenty, salvage smooth rods from old printers, and cut my own threaded rods from standard hardware store stock. The builders guide lists SAE alternatives for metric, just want to make sure its ok for the rework, and if theres already a BOM anywhere with standard parts. basically same question with the rework box frame, will a standard box frame suffice, same thing? or is there a different plan somewhere? I've searched, but cant find. I found a .STL for an einstien box frame, i just wanted 2d plans though and i'm not sure if thats even the same frame type, einstien vs rework, same thing right?. I 'm planning on buying a printed parts kit for a rework, just want to make everything will fit right.

So in summary , BOM for SAE parts? SAE parts fit printed parts well? Box frame plan for i3 rework? Any other advice for this type of build? Set me straight if Im headed off the wrong way! Thanks!

Also, i was considering using SAE part for the frame, but then splurging on 5mm leadscrews/bolts for the vertical axis, good idea, big improvement in quality? worth the money?

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Re: Planning a rework build w/ box frame and SAE rods etc...
July 17, 2014 02:19PM
Hello Snails, to answer a few of your questions:

To convert the sizes find a current BOM: [docs.google.com] for the Einstein, sustitute #4 for 3mm and #6 for 4mm and convert the lengths. With those sizes everything should work pretty well.

Also if you need metric rod or bolts locally I would definitely suggest Fastenal, their prices are decent and they have pretty much all hardware a Reprapper needs.

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Re: Planning a rework build w/ box frame and SAE rods etc...
July 18, 2014 02:20PM
The Einstein and the rework have the same frame as far as I know, so if you make an Einstein box frame, they should be compatible.
I built my Prusa i2 out of SAE hardware, and the only problems from the SAE was the leadscrew can be a bit goofy, (my layer heights are like 0.2822mm,) but there has been no real problem from that, so I think SAE would work for you, I made A quick spreadsheet showing some basic conversions for the hardware in the rework BOM found here, it isn't too detailed, but will give you a good starting point for conversion.
If the M5 leadscrew is available at your local store, I would buy it, it will save you some trouble. and headaches. M5 threaded rod at Fastenal

The SAE hardware and printed parts are compatible if properly converted. I am selling a Prusa i3 Rework parts kit here on eBay if you are interested or have any questions, just PM me, and I'll be happy to answer them.
Best of luck to you on your build!

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