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July 31, 2014 08:42AM

In the past I have set up an Arduino Uno with environmental sensors on it and displayed the data to a webserver. I am wondering if you could get the information that is shown on a lcd connected to ramps to show on a webserver? has this been done before?

I am thinking of connecting my Uno to the Mega transfer the data across and once read the Uno would send the data to the web server, via a Ethernet shield.

Please help I know basic arduino programming so please try to explain as fully as you can if possible.

Re: web server
August 04, 2014 09:56AM
Which information are you looking for specifically? While not an Arduino solution, OctoPrint is a RaspberryPi based solution that may do what you're looking for (and more).
Re: web server
August 04, 2014 10:15AM
Maybe Botqueue.com the answer?

You only learn when you change your mind.
Re: web server
August 06, 2014 08:20AM
Just a safety concern, do you ever let your printer run unattended for long periods?

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