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some advice please

Posted by Hustermouse 
some advice please
August 04, 2014 06:58PM
Hi, I'd like to get a 3d printer and waiting for one from MAKIBOX since 3 month (probably never get it). No I decided to write the money off and get or make one from OZ.

The question I have is:

does it pay off to get all the parts and build one(technical and electronic skill are not an issue) or get one assembled. I was looking at:

- ROBOTRONICS ORD Bot "Hadron" partly assembled for approx $1000 with shipping

- CULTIVATE3D Prusa i3 Complete Kit for approx $850 with shipping

- EMBLEMROBOTICS Prusa Mendel v1.5 $750 with shipping

- OZREPRAP ??? parts only??? $???

I don't want to spend to much. What would you suggest for me to do?

Regards Andreas
Re: some advice please
August 05, 2014 01:42PM
does it pay off to get all the parts and build one(technical and electronic skill are not an issue) or get one assembled.
What is you goal of a 3D printer? When I built mine, mine was as a hobby to introduce me to arduinos, electronics, robotics, etc. The konwledge of how it all works was the ultimate goal, having a 3D printer was the path I took to reach it. I could have bought a decent assembled or at least ready to assemble printer for what I've spent total on parts and materials that I used (or tried to use but then decided it didn't work. But I wouldn't have learned as much.

That being said, if your ultimate goal is to print as soon as you can, or one that you just unbox and it (hopefully) works and you don't want to know (or care to know) how everything works with one another, then bo for an assembled one.
Re: some advice please
August 05, 2014 03:08PM
I first bought a Solidoodle [pre-assembled] and over a year have learned much from it, although I regret buying that specific printer. I'm, even at the moment, working on building another printer from my own designs and sourcing my own parts. Comparatively, I'm learning undeniably more from desigining and building my own printer. Researching all the best deigns for my needs [large format, fast, reliable, and high quality printing of the technical, straight edges side] and learning so much more and in the end I will have a printer better suited to me than if I had purchased a printer or a kit. but again, that's all to your needs. I'm running a business, it's not just a hobby for printing nicknacks or basic parts. I need final production quality and single day speeds minimizing waste.

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